Surreal & Conceptual Photography by DiggieVitt

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A new selection of photographs both dark, poetic and surreal by Diggie Vitt, a young American photographer  uses her camera and masterful photo manipulation to create otherworldly scenes of strange beauty.

Now based in Los Angeles. We already talked about his work with “Flame and Gravity – 21 Photographs by Diggie Vitt“. Diggie Vitt has just completed a 365 Project, in which he created a new photograph a day during a whole year…


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I’ve been learning after affects (with varied results)

Every week or so I do a weird thing and post it on twitter, here’s a roundup.


Taken with my iPhone.


Taken with my iPhone.


when you receive a sweet anon out of nowhere and you’re like



Naruto Shippuuden by Kitsune-nyan
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